Our Founder Jo's Transformation


My very own transformation before I became the kick ass She-Ra I am today! Not all fitness journeys are about losing weight. Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.

The person on the left thought being “healthy” meant living on cornflakes and doing endless cardio. I had bad skin and was tired all the time. The person on the right understands you need to fuel your body with good food, has better skin and more energy. I lift weights and I know that exercise is a celebration of what the body can do not a punishment for what you have eaten.

Flora's Transformation


This beautiful lady is one of our Fitness Family here at Peak. Flora is truly inspiring and we would like to share her fitness journey with you.

Flora became part of our Fitness Family not long after we opened. Over the months we have not only seen Flora lose an incredible amount of weight, but her confidence has grown dramatically as has her ability to kick ass in the gym and push herself beyond her limits.

Sarah's Transformation


Sarah is part of our Fitness Family and is fairly new to health and fitness but has given it her all in the last year and lost a whopping 8 stone!

We are so proud of her. She’s a very determined and amazing lady.

Charlotte's Transformation


Charlotte is fairly new to our Fitness Family and her progress comes after only 5 months.

Charlotte was gym shy and started all her workouts from home. She now has the confidence to use a gym and joined our gym recently to continue her weightloss journey along with her at home workouts.

Amazing progress in just a few months.

Alice's Transformation


Alice joined our Peak Family at the end of 2017. She embarked on a 12 week transformation to kick start her weight loss journey.

Alice has lost a whopping 3 stone and has been so inspired by her progress that she has now embarked on a career in fitness to help others achieve their weight loss goals!

After years of yo yo dieting, Alice has finally cracked healthy eating and exercise and enjoys everything in moderation.

Liz's Transformation


Liz is an absolute She-Ra and Super Mum and part of our awesome Peak Family!

Liz is started off with the body weight basics and is a big fan of core workouts. She is consistent with her training, now lifting heavy weights as well as eating all of her favourite foods in moderation. No fad diets, no excessive exercise and amazing results.

Joanne's Transformation


Joanne's mind blowing transformation is a whopping 10 stone weight loss!

Joanne started off with making very small changes to her diet (removing her daily egg mayo sandwich and milky coffee). She began exercising and gradually, increased her exercise intensity and overhauled her diet and as you can see the results are amazing. Joanne is now one of my barbell queens and can lift like a She-Ra.