About Jo

About Jo
I’ve always been passionate about helping others – whether that has been through my work as a human rights and mental health solicitor, or as a female fitness coach, nutritionist and pre and post-natal trainer. But despite helping others on a practical level making changes to their outside world, I realised that true health, happiness and healing starts on the inside.
Doing the internal work and healing past traumas; unblocking and clearing old stagnant energies, makes way for the good stuff and allows everything to flow as it should. As a Reiki Master and Energy Healer, I can help you transform from the inside out. Combining energy healing and trauma informed coaching with my practical skills in the field of mental health and as a physical fitness trainer, when working together with my clients, we make a formidable transformative team!
Although many people that know me and work with me now see me as a kick ass, weight-lifting She-Ra, that loves dogs, food and fitness (and has her s**t together) - let me tell you - it wasn't always like this! As a Mum (and Dog Mum) and Business Owner, I struggled for many years dealing with issues of self-worth, overwhelm, mindset and weight. After a bout of ill health and major surgery, I received healing that changed me physically and mentally. It changed my mindset and outlook on life and I went on a mission to help others do the same. Utilising my extensive experience in coaching, health and healing it is my passion to empower women to Reclaim their Inner Badass!
How I can help you through Coaching
Whether you lack self confidence, struggle to set boundaries, want to change your disordered eating patterns or just need guidance and support to move forward in your life, 1:1 coaching can help you achieve this.
Having spent years advocating for clients in the mental health industry, I transitioned into the physical health and fitness arena. What I have learned during my time as a coach is that both mental and physical health intertwine on a deep level and to live your best life, having both aspects in balance is essential.
I work with my coaching clients to improve their mindset and wellbeing. Building healthy habits that last and increasing their confidence and self-esteem from the inside out. As a trauma-informed coach, I can help you clear any past traumas and move forward to live your best life.
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Love Jo xx

p.s. self-love starts with self-care!