About Jo

About Jo
Not your average “healer” – I found my Reiki calling when I listened to my inner voice and aligned my soul with my vision to help animals.
I’ve always been passionate about helping others – whether that has been through my work as a human rights and mental health solicitor, or as a female fitness coach, nutritionist and pre and post-natal trainer. But despite helping others on a practical level making changes to their outside world, I realised that true health, happiness and healing starts on the inside.
Doing the internal work and healing past traumas; unblocking and clearing old stagnant energies, makes way for the good stuff and allows everything to flow as it should. As a Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Practitioner, I can help you or your beloved animals through the power of healing.
How I can help you
Whether you are experiencing physical illness, chronic pain, trauma, recovering from surgery, difficulty sleeping, emotional or mental distress, anxiety or depression, healing from the inside can have a massive effect on our recovery and quality of life, as well as our overall happiness.
There are many different modalities of healing. The main type of healing I use with clients is Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that means “universal life force energy”. It can be offered face to face or via distance healing. Both ways of receiving Reiki energy are equally as effective.
Receiving reiki can aid relaxation and reduces stress and can complement other forms of therapy or treatment. Reiki can be used on adults, children and animals. My daughter loves her regular Reiki sessions to balance her energy and help her feel more relaxed. My dog on the other hand can take some time to settle into his Reiki sessions! I like to use Crystal therapy during the Reiki sessions to amplify the healing process. No two sessions will be the same. I will channel healing energy and send it where it needs to go.
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Here's to healing yourself happy.

Love Jo xx

p.s. self-love starts with self-care!