The Mindful Eating Manual

In this manual we will be exploring how mindfulness can be used to enhance our eating experience and the benefits of using mindfulness when it comes to our relationship with and consumption of food.

Mindfulness is a simple yet effective technique to bring us into the present moment and induce awareness when it comes to whatever it is we are doing in that moment.

Benefits of mindfulness:

When we eat, we often do so mindlessly, whether that is eating at our desks, whilst we are walking or on the go. We often don’t actually taste our food because we are so busy.

Also, many of us have a more complex relationship with food. Some of us use it to self-soothe which can lead us to over consume when we are not hungry. Some of us are on constant diets and eating can invoke a range of emotions from stress to guilt or even shame.

Read through our Mindful Eating Manual to get to grips with your relationship with and around food. Becoming more mindful about what you eat and how you consume your food will go a long way to help with your weight loss journey. Everything else you need will be on My Peak – or drop me a line for any questions you may have or any support you need. After all, we’re now family x

My mindful journey

As I’ve already discussed, my journey in respect of food and eating was anything but mindful!

There was a period in my life when my obsession with controlling my food brought me nothing but anxiety and dread – not to mention ill health. I wasn’t fuelling my body with the food it needed and I suffered the consequences.

I also over consumed food to the point of physical pain. I would hide what I ate and felt shame and guilt around food.

All of these emotions are not uncommon but when we stop seeing food as the issue and change our own perception, then this goes a long way to creating a healthy relationship with our eating and breaking the cycle of over and under eating.


The problem is not with food itself, but our relationship with food. by becoming more mindful with our daily eating habits we can improve our relationship with food and enjoy it without any negative associations.

So there you have it. Hopefully some informative basics to get you on your way to changing your approach to eating. Taking "healthy eating" to a whole new level!

Be present and aware of your food
Understand that food is fuel
Show gratitude when it comes to food
Get in tune with your actual signs of hunger

Once you take on board the principles and practices of mindful eating you will be able to listen to your body learn to nourish it and know when you are hungry without any emotional attachment.

Love Jo xx

P.S – now you’re part of the Peak Family, if you need any support at all, no matter how big or small – get in touch x