Hi and welcome to the My Peak Podcast!

Here you will be able to listen to me talk about all things health and fitness related. New episodes added each week.

Jo's interview with Heart FM talking about how My Peak started and why she is passionate about helping all women reach their health and fitness goals.

Episode #1 -
Why starting fitness is the hardest thing to do and my top tips for fitness success.

Episode #2 -
How small changes really do add up to big results and why quick fixes don't work.

Episode #3 -
Ladies that Lift. The benefits of weightlifting and why it won't make women bulky.

Episode #4 -
Effects of alcohol on weight loss. We all love a drink or two. But when is it too much?

Episode #5 -
The benefits of meditation. You may eat well and exercise - but are you truly healthy if you have a negative mind?

Episode # 6 -
The negative impact stress can have on your weight loss journey and what you can do to help with this.

Episode # 7 -
How you can create an at home gym on a budget.

Episode # 8 -
How 10 minutes of exercise per day can help your mental health during current stressful times.