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What is My Peak?

Whilst at Peak Health and Fitness we have welcomed hundreds of people into our Fitness Family, we get that the gym is not for everyone for many reasons. So we created My Peak to bring the gym to you so that you can workout anytime, anywhere! At My Peak we have effective daily workouts that can be done in under 20 minutes and in the comfort of your own home.

Our in-house Personal Trainers have compiled the very best workout plans, tailoring them specifically for different levels of fitness – so whether you are just starting out, or you are already fit but want to switch your routine up a notch, we’ve got something for you. Our Nutritionists have also compiled some delicious recipes as well as keeping you in the know with our health and fitness articles.

I am also on hand to answer any queries on our Members Only forum. So it’s like having your own Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at your fingertips – all for a fraction of the cost! And what’s even better, you will be part of our fabulous and ever-growing Fitness Family!

About Jo


As a Fitness Coach, Gym Owner and Mum – I know how important keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is, but, I also know how hard it is to be able to make it part of your everyday lifestyle and routine.

For me, fitness was never really on my radar. I thought that being “healthy” meant doing lots of cardio and eating endless bowls of cereal. I hated the gym and exercise in general and never really enjoyed or understood food. Over time this changed dramatically. By “over time” I mean months, if not years, because I want to get across that health and fitness is a lifestyle, a journey and you will always be learning. It is not a quick fix.

I now love food and understand how essential it is to fuel your body with good nutrients. I am passionate about all things fitness (from weightlifting, to CrossFit and everything in between – I am proud to say that I am stronger than some of the guys) and have worked hard to inspire others to become a better version of themselves.

At our Gym, I specialise in female fitness and train hundreds of ladies to become stronger and even more kick ass. My ladies are my SheRa Army – our weekly bootcamps are truly the highlight of the week (even if it is 8am on a Sunday morning!).

I am a Fitness Coach and Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer. Being a Mum to my gorgeous daughter, Phoebe, is amazing but I understand how hard it is as a Mum to eat well and fit in regular exercise. However, it is not impossible and I’m going to show you how.

With My Peak, I am going to dispel the myth that you need to live off salad to be healthy and work out for hours on end. I want to help other women and Mums especially to give you the tools to create some amazing meals for all the family and provide you with the know how to eat well and train smart. I will show you how to train in your own home with video tutorials for each exercise and you can then use our WOD generator to select a workout each day. You can even get the kids to join in and will often see Pheebs making a guest appearance during my workouts!

When you join us, I am here to offer you as much support as needed and you can link up with other ladies on My Peak to share your progress. We have an awesome app for you to take advantage of, so you literally have My Peak at hand at the touch of a button.


I look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you into our family

Love Jo xx

p.s. regular use of My Peak will lead to increased levels of awesomeness!

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My Peak is an online fitness platform with workouts, nutritious recipes and health and fitness articles. You can access these from your PC, phone or tablet – anytime, anywhere!

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